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T'ena Health Fair

Meeting people where they are


T’ena Health believes quality and compassionate healthcare should be easily accessible for all people. We developed our free health fairs to provide historically underserved communities and neighborhoods with the care they deserve. Our health fairs are hosted specifically in spaces the community feels safe and comfortable with to work towards changing the narrative of healthcare. We believe that healthcare should be accessible, inclusive, safe, and culturally competent. Providing preventive healthcare services in everyday spaces makes it easier for the community to acknowledge their health more frequently and receive one-on-one consultations without any cost or time limit. On the third Saturday of each month, we set up outside of South LA Cafe to provide the neighborhood with free blood pressure checks, blood glucose checks, health education, medication consultation, covid testing, and connections to any resources they may be seeking. We also partner with local schools to provide students and their families with these services to encourage healthy lifestyles. Our health fairs are staffed by students and preceptors from healthcare programs at various local universities and colleges. We believe in empowering students that come from the very neighborhoods we serve to be able to create a cycle of giving back and developing healthier communities. Students in these programs gain hands-on clinical experience while also learning more about how social determinants of health influence people’s daily habits and long term health.

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