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Homies Care

Sparking meaningful conversations one care kit at a time


Homies Care is our interactive initiative to provide preventive healthcare hygiene essentials to our low income and unhoused neighbors. We recognize that not all people are able to easily access daily hygiene products, which can cause issues that may accumulate to developing acute and long term diseases. This project involves the assembly and distribution of hygiene kits that we call Care Kits. Every other month, a group of volunteers and community members join together to assemble the Care Kits and write out personalized and inspirational messages on the bag. Each month we assemble approximately 1,000 kits, which are then shared among partnering organizations involved in community work to get distributed all throughout Los Angeles County. Our Care Kits include a toothbrush, toothpaste, Bombas socks, soap, shampoo, menstrual hygiene pads, deodorant, flushable wet wipes, tissue, a comb, condoms, bandages, and antibacterial ointment. These items are essential for daily hygiene and work to prevent vulnerable populations from developing skin infections, scalp problems, oral diseases, bacterial infections, and UTIs. So far, we have been able to serve multiple communities throughout Los Angeles County, Inland Empire, San Fernando Valley, and the San Francisco Bay Area. We have successfully assembled and distributed 23,000+ Care Kits to date!

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