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About Us

Our Roots

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It all started when a group of friends attending Charles R. Drew University (CDU) in 2019 wanted to make a difference in the surrounding communities. As students enrolled in various undergrad and masters programs, they strategized ways they could address the health disparities they learned in the classroom and witnessed on the streets. Utilizing the lessons on social and health justice that CDU’s curriculum emphasized, they combined their knowledge, skills, network, and resources to develop the first ever Homies Care event. Since the first event in 2019, T’ena Health has grown to provide preventive healthcare throughout various Los Angeles communities through their two main initiatives: Homies Care and T’ena Health Fairs. 

Our Mission

Eradicating Health Disparities

Through Sharing Resources, Knowledge, and Compassion

Our Vision

A World With Quality and Compassionate Healthcare for All

What we do

    T’ena Health applies a “boots on the ground” approach to learn about and address the disparities that exist in our local communities. By speaking directly with community members about their needs, experiences, and concerns, we are able to develop our services in a way that ensures we can optimize our impact. We aim to provide each person we serve with the tools and knowledge they need to help themselves so they may help others. Simultaneously, the more we learn from others, the more we are able to give back. Through combining community feedback with the team's collective clinical, public health, research, and business knowledge and expertise, T’ena Health has been able to impact over 38,000+ lives! 

    Compassion is at the core of everything we do. We value our connections with the communities we work with so we may advocate for them to our fullest potential. During the many events we host, whether we are on the local streets distributing kits or involved in work overseas, we ensure each person feels valued and cared for. 

Leadership Team

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Jemal Hussein,PharmD



Krysta Salas

Vice President


Jezzebelle Nguyen,CSM

Project Manager

Board of Directors


Alice S. Thompson,



Armen Fstkchian, Pharm.D., BCPS


Azim Hirani


Ebony Bryant,



Fatuma Ahmed,



Kristian Tan,



Richard Cale, PharmD

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