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T’ena Health works to respond to any situation relating to health disparities, whether it be at home in Los Angeles or across international borders. No matter where we are working, we ensure it is done with depth and compassion based on our principle that humanity knows no borders and cannot be restricted. T’ena Foundation believes in doing our part to support people, no matter the distance between us. Some of our initiatives have included Beirut, Yemen, Ethiopia, India, and Greece.

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In response to the devastating port explosion that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon, we started an Emergency Relief Fund to provide the residents that were affected with much needed food, medical supplies, and construction funds.

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We cannot remain silent as Yemen faces what is determined to be the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Our efforts to support Yemen involve campaigning for funds that contribute towards providing food, healthcare, and other necessities that are extremely sparse. 

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On top of the many struggles that come with a global pandemic, Ethiopia has also been facing an economic crisis. In our efforts to provide support, we were able to fundraise money and ensure that families were able to purchase groceries and necessities that they were quickly running out of.

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After being informed of how COVID-19 had impacted families in Bhupalpally, India that were finding themselves struggling to access food due to the precautionary closures of suppliers, we successfully fundraised enough to supplement the lack of resources in a way that ensured the health and safety of all were prioritized.