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We believe in ensuring equal access to quality education and knowledge for all, especially in underserved areas that are often overlooked. The disparities that exist in these communities result in lower literacy rates and limited accessibility to books and resources. T’ena Health’s Adopt-A-Book initiative emphasizes the value of knowledge as a key component towards eradicating disparities. We work to implement this at an early age and encourage reading in young children and adolescents by distributing the books donated by our generous partners at Friends of the Santa Monica Public Library to local schools, R.O.A.D.S. Community Care Clinic, Stylinerz barber shop, and the free health clinic in Compton, CA. So far, we have successfully provided over 500 free books and counting to local pre-K through 12th graders. Additionally, to further improve health literacy throughout the community, we have built multiple mini libraries that are free to access in public places for anyone to enjoy.

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Friends of Santa Monica Library