Who we are

       T'ena Health was started by three best friends, Abdu, Jemal, and Sana, who wanted to combine the knowledge they acquired through personal experiences and academic expertise to change the world. Recognizing the many health disparities much of the world faces, they set out to do what they do best; help others. Since the first ever Homies Care event in July of 2019, the T’ena family has grown to include people from all ages, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds that join together with the common purpose of serving others.

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What we do

     T’ena Health recognizes access to health related resources can be difficult to obtain in many underserved areas. To combat this, we host free health fairs for the community members throughout Skid Row, Los Angeles in which they are able to receive blood pressure and blood glucose screenings, physical examinations, dental screenings, and mental health and nutritional education workshops for free. Additionally, throughout the underserved communities in Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and Riverside County, we continuously distribute hygiene kits, known as Care Kits, and meals to residents that have difficulty accessing these necessities.

     One of many factors we believe to be crucial for improving public health outcomes is increasing health literacy throughout the community. To encourage this, one of our projects involves building mini libraries that are free to access for community members. These libraries are made available in places such as barber shops, schools, and community centers throughout the areas we serve. Additionally, seeing that social media has the ability to easily and quickly reach large audiences, we utilize multiple platforms to raise awareness regarding health disparities and resources that are available. 

    Compassion is at the core of everything we do. We value our connections with the communities we work with so we may advocate for them to our fullest potential. During the many events we host, whether we are on the local streets distributing meals or involved in work overseas, we ensure each person feels valued and cared for. 

Meet The Team

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Jemal Hussein



Abdu Mamoud

Senior Project Manager 


Krysta Salas

Social Media Manager


     Ernesto Martinez

    Data Analyst 

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Ty'Tianna Clark



Program Manager


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Wen Li

    Finance Manager